About Ikkab / Company Presentation

IKKAB was started on 18 December 2006 by Stefan Svahn, Andreas Wiman and Patrik Carlén. They were young, new graduates who considered themselves to be invincible. After a few years of working at various electrical consulting and installation companies, they felt a growing wish to start their own business. This would let them develop as people and enable them to build a company that focused on the customers and their specific needs at all times.

In other words, IKKAB started because there was no company in the industry that cared enough about the customer. No electrical consultant was investing enough in understanding the customer’s situation. Few even spoke with their customers, only taking orders on a constant basis. For IKKAB, open dialogue with customers became a way of life. And it didn’t take a long time before the door to the market was wide open.

But during our journey, we have learned that we cannot rest on past successes. It doesn’t benefit us to look in the rear-view mirror for too long. It is no longer possible to decide the way forward. We must design the way forward and join together on a regular basis to offer consistently high value to our customers.

For us, the customer is right, and we will be their source of help. This makes IKKAB a valuable partner.